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16 Apr

Tell Us What You Think about the Bandwidth Dashboard…

Since the inception of the Bandwidth Dashboard, our goal was to develop industry-leading APIs and a first class user portal. Last fall, after several months of having our first group of customers on the portal, we sent new users a short survey to understand their feelings about their experience. The good news was our API customers loved the expanded integration capabilities. However, our portal customers weren’t as satisfied with their experience as we had hoped. That feedback prompted us to start researching…how should it be?

We are now embarking on a journey to answer that question with the goal of determining what could improve our portal customers’ experience and ensure that our software is designed with the customer in mind from the very beginning of the development process.


So, in January we implemented a feedback tool in our portal that could easily integrate with our existing tools. The feedback tool can be found on the right hand side of our portal and allows users to give general or specific feedback about their experience. This feedback data flows directly back into our product management organization so that we are constantly in tune with the likes and dislikes of our customers as we prioritize future work for our development team. In addition, feedback submissions that include an e-mail address are submitted to our Customer Success Advocates so that we can directly follow up with the customers on their questions and/or concerns and close the feedback loop.

The feedback we’ve received to date has helped identify consistent themes across our user base and allowed us to make a list of items that we must start working on before we dive into a major refresh.

To date we have been able to implement the following:

  • Enabled telephone number search on dashboard home page
  • Manual porting support for toll-free and offnet ports
  • Revamp port submission process to validate based on losing carrier
  • Added customer order ID to search results and notifications
  • Exposed the ability to move a single number from one sub-account and location to another

This feedback mechanism is just one of the ways we are hoping to gather more input from our customers so that we can continue on our journey to a more customer-driven software design process. We invite you to try it out and let us know what you like and dislike about the portal. This is your opportunity to impact our future roadmap! Also, if you are interested in joining us for a focus group, please let your Customer Success Advocate know.

Jennifer McLaughlin
Jennifer McLaughlin

Jennifer is a Product Manager for Voice Services at Bandwidth. She is a self proclaimed techie with too many degrees in communications. She is passionate about listening to our customers and bringing their voice back in to our development organization. When she is not trying to gather customer feedback or attending standups, she is spending time with her husband, their little munchkins and exploring new things to do in Raleigh. Most of her friends know her as the event calendar as she always knows about the local festivals, restaurants or quirky things happening around town.

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