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    ASP.Net Core application from scratch

    Asp.Net Core is a toolset for creating web applications for .Net Core. Although the name contains ASP.Net this is an absolutely new product for web-developers. It is simple and clear and it allows you to write more compact code. Web applications created with Asp.Net Core......

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    History of Bandwidth Challenges Part 2: The Workout Challenges

    Between 2012 and 2013, Bandwidth held two more cycling challenges.  From those, we learned how important it is for us to involve everyone in the challenges – the whole company, all together. That’s when the challenges really picked up speed.  Participation increased, morale increased and......

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    History of Bandwidth Challenges Part 3: Whole Person Challenges

    By 2015, the Bandwidth Challenges had become a vital part of who we are as a company.  We hired driven people and gave them the chance to live their life fully.  The concept of the Whole Person Challenges launched and focused not just on working......

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    5 Biggest Tech Developments of 2016

    Have you seen an episode of The Jetson’s lately? While we’ve not ditched our cars for space-mobiles just yet, 2016’s technology developments certainly got us closer to living life like George, Jane, Judy and Elroy.  Here’s our take on the biggest five changes and developments......