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28 May

SMS-enabled toll free phone numbers deliver the customer service experience you want.


You call a toll-free number to talk to a cable company, an airline, or even a local business. An automated voice answers, and your heart sinks. “This is going to take a while,” you think, and you begin pressing your way through the maze of options. The seconds tick by and you’re still working through the interactive voice response system (IVR), your frustration growing and your blood pressure rising.

Maybe your question doesn’t match any of the options, or maybe the menu is poorly designed and you get trapped in a loop. As you continue to press and press again, you wonder if anyone at this company has ever even listened to their IVR. Probably not, or they’d realize how it was undermining customer goodwill.

Bandwidth knows how you feel. And we’ve got a better way.

Our new SMS-enabled toll free phone numbers deliver the customer service experience you want—instant, convenient, and personalized. Simply text your question from your mobile device and get your answer right away. Now the information is on your device for future reference, and you got it in less time than it would have taken to make a voice call. The interaction didn’t cost you anything, and it even helped keep your bills down because it saved the company money too. That’s good service, you think, as you cross another item off your to-do list and get back to your day.



Noreen Allen
Noreen Allen

As Chief Marketing Officer, Noreen Allen is responsible for building the Bandwidth brand and driving revenue across all lines of business. For the past 16 years, she’s held leadership positions with both private and publicly traded companies. She excels at building powerful, category-leading brands that help to transform companies at various stages. Noreen is originally from Philadelphia and has a BA in Journalism from Rider University.

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