Peeking Under the Covers at Bandwidth #getsome

05 Nov

Unwrapping presents has always been fun for me. I can’t resist the big boxes, colorful ribbons, and beautifully decorated gifts. It’s not just the packaging that lures me in, but rather the element of surprise. It’s the excitement that comes from the anticipation, and then the pure exhilaration when I discover what is underneath the covers.

A couple of weeks ago at the Comptel Conference in San Francisco, Bandwidth unveiled a whole new look, and new software products. From outside the room at Comptel, one couldn’t really tell what was up. However, the hashtag #getsome definitely piqued people’s curiosity and they couldn’t wait to take a look inside.


Once people stepped into our room, their eyes lit up.

“Wow, your booth is awesome!”

“This doesn’t look like the old Bandwidth”

And you know what, we are not the same old boring telecommunications carrier.


Bandwidth is pivoting to being a software provider. One that makes it easy to add communications to any app.

Think of how many times a day the average person engages with an app on their phone or an application at work that involves communicating. Tons! We are the company that provides the APIs that allow businesses to integrate calling and texting quickly and seamlessly.


The room was buzzing with action the entire 2 days that we spent at Comptel. We had great discussions with our current and future customers. With their invaluable insight, they are helping lead the path for our future strategy.

All of us could not be more excited about what tomorrow will bring. Keep an eye on us!

To view more photos of the Bandwidth Experience Zone at Comptel, check out our Facebook album. #getsome

Deirdre Clarke
Deirdre Clarke

Deirdre is currently a Director of Product Management at Bandwidth in Raleigh, North Carolina. She started her career as a software developer, after graduating from Rutgers with a degree in Computer Science. Before moving to Bandwidth in 2014, she was at Motorola for 18 years where she started as a software developer and then made the leap to more of a business role in product management in 2007. In this new role, she really flourished and today still enjoys creating new software products and features to help solve problems for her customers. At Bandwidth, she spearheads new software products in the call tracking and anonymous calling arenas. In her spare time, she is a deeply involved in the Triangle TechGirlz program, helping to ignite young girls' interest in future tech careers.

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