Introducing Bandwidth’s New C# SDK

29 Nov

Over the past months we have been working to refactor our SDKs. We’re ready to announce our pre-release C# / .NET SDK.

Check out the SDK on Github

The SDK is available via NuGet

Full documentation is hosted at

Install via NuGet

To install Bandwidth.Net, run the following command in the Package Manager Console:

What’s New?

A few of the improvements we’ve made over v2.x

  • Reduced depenecies: can now run entirely on .NET Core
  • No more client singleton. Everything is inhereted from a base client.
  • Each API method now expects a POCO plain ole C# object. Immensly helps MSFT intelli-sense and the like to display a list of named parameters for each API call.
  • IEnumerable Lists for all list resources.
  • Fetch entire messages with a simple for loop.
  • List all calls for date range.
  • Async function calls were introduced in .NET 4.5. The SDK now defaults to await/async function patterns were applicable.
  • Read some of the advantages of async/await

Supported Versions

Bandwidth.Net should work on all levels of .Net Framework 4.5+.

Version Support Level
4.5 | Supported
4.6 Supported
.Net Core (netstandard1.6) Supported
PCL (Profile111) Supported
Xamarin (IOS, Android, MonoTouch) Supported


Enough of the talk, here are some examples demonstrating some simple tasks

Order a phone number

Send a single text message

Send a single picture message

Make a phone call

More coming soon

We have already released our Node SDK. Future releases for Python and extended Node and C# functionality are up next.

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