History of Whole Person Challenge Part 1: How it Began

05 Aug

Bandwidth’s Whole Person Challenge started in 2010, adopting a culture of being “active” and working out together during lunch. This later opened up opportunities to be a part of the RAAM Challenge where Bandwidth teammates challenged the 4 man cycling crew of David Morken, John Murdock, Joe Parke and Sean Matt racing cross-country from California to the Maryland Coast. The office team beat the RAAM team by 2 days. From this initial event, the Whole Person Challenge was born and now all employees have the opportunity to better themselves (mind, body and soul), in turn winning a day of PTO and improving their quality of life.

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Chad Sattler
Chad Sattler

Sledge, as he is known at Bandwidth, is the Director of Media with a secondary title of "The Mayor". He has been with Bandwidth since early 2005 where he started as the company's first Art Director. Today, Sledge serves as the internal communicator for the company, while providing photography and video production services for both Bandwidth and Republic. (Side note - Sledge got the nickname while a tour caddy on the Nationwide Tour...now the Web.com tour. It's a long story.)


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