History of Bandwidth Challenges Part 3: Whole Person Challenges

10 Jan

By 2015, the Bandwidth Challenges had become a vital part of who we are as a company.  We hired driven people and gave them the chance to live their life fully.  The concept of the Whole Person Challenges launched and focused not just on working out anymore, but with components focused on your body, mind and spirit.

Each challenge had its’ own theme and required a workout challenge, but also a mind component, such as reading a book and a challenge aimed to improve your spirit  –  everything from organizing your home, to learning something new, to joining a political party or going to a baseball game.  And if completed the challenge – you got a free PTO day.  How great is that?

The Whole Person Challenges are an awesome part of what Bandwidth is all about and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

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Chad Sattler
Chad Sattler

Sledge, as he is known at Bandwidth, is the Director of Media with a secondary title of "The Mayor". He has been with Bandwidth since early 2005 where he started as the company's first Art Director. Today, Sledge serves as the internal communicator for the company, while providing photography and video production services for both Bandwidth and Republic. (Side note - Sledge got the nickname while a tour caddy on the Nationwide Tour...now the Web.com tour. It's a long story.)

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