History of Bandwidth Challenges Part 2: The Workout Challenges

08 Sep

Between 2012 and 2013, Bandwidth held two more cycling challenges.  From those, we learned how important it is for us to involve everyone in the challenges – the whole company, all together.

That’s when the challenges really picked up speed.  Participation increased, morale increased and we learned a lot.  2014 saw three more workout challenges and we were averaging 75% participation.  Everyone wanted more challenges and we had plans for 2015, but we were about to change everything.  Again.

Chad Sattler
Chad Sattler

Sledge, as he is known at Bandwidth, is the Director of Media with a secondary title of "The Mayor". He has been with Bandwidth since early 2005 where he started as the company's first Art Director. Today, Sledge serves as the internal communicator for the company, while providing photography and video production services for both Bandwidth and Republic. (Side note - Sledge got the nickname while a tour caddy on the Nationwide Tour...now the Web.com tour. It's a long story.)


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