Product Corner

23 Jun Customer Story: How CRM Perfect Storm Tracks Every Buyer Interaction (down to that very first “Hello!”) With Bandwidth’s Messaging API

Real estate website and CRM software Perfect Storm takes pride in capturing every meaningful interaction between realtors and home buyers. Jim Toner, Perfect Storm CTO knew their software would be incomplete and ineffective without being able to capture text conversations. “Five years or so ago,...

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10 May Customer Story: How An Event Booking App Builds a Rockin’ Response Rate With Bandwidth’s SMS API

GigSalad, the premier online marketplace for booking entertainment attracts party planners and entertainment professionals with a combination of their easy-to-use platform, industry know-how, and that awesome upbeat name (GigSalad… so fun!). The premise of the online talent marketplace is simple: GigSalad acts as a two-way...

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