Bandwidth’s got a lot

03 Dec

With a staff like ours, there’s bound to be some funny times. And a few times a year, our star photographer and Mayor, Sledge, takes awesome pictures of our staff and what they love. Bandwidth is great because there’s a chance that whatever you love, someone else will love, too! Check out some of our wackier (or should we say quackier?) photos that we’ve collected over this year.

In no particular order, we love: rubber ducks, basketball, scuba, Star Wars, swimming, Dr. Suess, chess, cooking, and running

We hope you do, too!









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Jordan Lem
Jordan Lem

Jordan is a senior at UNC-Chapel Hill majoring in Media and Journalism. As a Communications/Social Media intern, she works on a variety of projects in the Marketing department, including managing Dialed In. When she's not interning or in class, you can find her reading, writing, or rationalizing why it's okay to follow so many famous dogs' Instagram accounts.

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