Bandwidth Dashboard: New Billing Reporting FAQ

29 Aug

The Bandwidth Dashboard is continually enhanced thanks to customer feedback from our users. We’ve compiled a few frequently asked questions below to help you get started using these new features — And stay tuned, the DID Snapshot report is coming soon.  This report will provide a list of telephone numbers that precisely aligns with an invoice’s monthly recurring charges (MRC) section.

For any additional questions or comments feel free to reach out to

Bandwidth Support Team
(855) 864-7776

Q: Can I automate any of this?

A: Yes! Like all functions in our portal, anything you can do can be done through an API call. Please consult the API documentation for more information:

Q: What’s a BDR? Do you offer CDRs?

A: Yes, Billing Detail Records (BDRs) are effectively Call Detail Records (CDRs) that also include cost information. The output contains all call records for the specified period, including the cost for each call.

Q: Why does the ‘DID Snapshot’ report not produce results?

A: We have a bit more ‘plumbing’ to do on this one behind the scenes. Our billing development team is working on this feed, and expects it to be fully ready by end of September for use with October invoices.

Q: Can I access MDRs from July or before?

A: MDR data before August isn’t captured in our reporting service, but you can open tickets in our support site ( to make requests. All messaging data going forward will be captured and available in the MDR reporting.

Q: How is a statement BDR different from a ‘regular’ BDR?

A: The ‘Statement BDR’ will produce a clean match of call records to a specific invoice.  Even if you select a BDR with the same date range as your invoice period, due to rating and invoice processing intervals the call records produced won’t be a perfect match of the invoice.

Q: Where can I access this reporting?

A: Hover the mouse over ‘Reports’, on the top blue navigation bar. Then select ‘Billing Detail Records’ from the list.


Matt Ruehlen
Matt Ruehlen

Matt joined Bandwidth immediately after graduating from UNC. He serves as the Product Manager for the Bandwidth Dashboard. He will tell you that he’s learned more from our customers in 8 years than a university could ever teach him. Matt is an avid baseball fan, loves to play hoops and watch his Tar Heels do the same, and is always looking for good beer and coffee.

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