Author: Ed Hintz

09 Feb Add a 9 to Uptime with ChatOps

In a world of always-on services, your service’s uptime is critical to you and your customers’ business. No matter how much developer discipline, redundancy, and testing you do, your service is going to go down at some point. When it does go down, the devops...

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09 Jun The High Value of Hackathons

Why would successful people travel great distances and give up a perfectly good weekend, only to participate in a caffeine-infused 24 hours of creating, designing, planning, coding and presenting at a hackathon? Why do companies like Bandwidth spend so much time and resources to host...

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17 Mar Code Review Like a Boss

In my 15+ years of software management, I have found no software development practice that improves quality, builds skills, or reveals the best developers like the code review.  The code review or in git parlance, the pull request, is the number one way to set...

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