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Software's a big part of our DNA and we love to talk about it. We’ve got some of the sharpest minds in technology on our team. They’ll share tips and tricks on all the latest trends here.
Top Posts of 2016

As 2016 comes to a close, we looked back at our top blog posts of the year.  While everyone may have a different favorite, it’s no surprise that the top performers were all Eat/Sleep/Code posts.  We hope you find these posts helpful and would love...


Introducing Over the past few months, we have been working to redesign our documentation page for our Communications API Platform and Dashboard products. Why the update? As Bandwidth has grown as an API company, we wanted to refresh our documentation with a focus on the developers using...

Introducing Bandwidth’s New C# SDK

Over the past months we have been working to refactor our SDKs. We're ready to announce our pre-release C# / .NET SDK. Check out the SDK on Github The SDK is available via NuGet Full documentation is hosted at Install via NuGet To install Bandwidth.Net, run the following command...

ASP.Net Core application from scratch

Asp.Net Core is a toolset for creating web applications for .Net Core. Although the name contains ASP.Net this is an absolutely new product for web-developers. It is simple and clear and it allows you to write more compact code. Web applications created with Asp.Net Core are...

Intro to Simple Docker with Node & Koa

Docker notes Overivew Docker is a useful tool to run applications in isolated containers. You can configure which ports and/or directories are available to the host system. Docker's best feature is the ability to run the same app (packed to container) with the same environment (os, libraries,...