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  • blog-whole-person-1
    History of Whole Person Challenge Part 1: How it Began

    Bandwidth’s Whole Person Challenge started in 2010, adopting a culture of being “active” and working out together during lunch. This later opened up opportunities to be a part of the RAAM Challenge where Bandwidth teammates challenged the 4 man cycling crew of David Morken, John......

  • blog-olympics
    Olympian Rising: A Day in the Dream

    There he was in lane 5:  Olympic gold medalist Matt Grevers.  At 6’8” and 230 pounds, he was seeded atop the heat as one of the fastest qualifiers in the 200 yard backstroke event.  Over in lane 1 was my own flesh and blood –......

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  • blog-slack-cloudwatch
    Slackwatch: Monitor Your AWS Service from Slack using Cloudwatch and SNS

    Effective and timely monitoring of your service is crucial to providing a highly available service.  Early warnings delivered quickly to the right people who can collaborate on a solution is key to delivering the most number of 9s of uptime.  AWS Cloudwatch in conjunction with......

  • blog-express-es5-es7
    Express ES5 to Koa ES7

    Express ES5 to Koa ES7 At Bandwidth we recently created a new node server for serving up our UI. Being the coding hipsters that we are, of course we looked into the latest tech stack. In this post, I am going to specifically talk about......